cuore app

the gratitude journal and support network

cuore is a gratitude journal. It is the place where you can write down all the nice things you’re grateful for, so you can remember them all the time. it is also a social support network where you can share all the tings you’re grateful with others like you and they will give you “hearts”! (and nothing else ^.^)

cuore also reminds you to be grateful through the day with app messages you can decide when to receive, lets you export your gratitude entries to beautifully typeset images so you can share in other social networks or decorate your office.

cuore is a simple way to grow and be happier by being grateful, to focus on the good things of your life and to help and support others.

Several studies demonstrate that being grateful might improve your wellbeing and happiness. You can read more about the benefits here:

Huffington Post
The Benefits of a Gratitude Journal and How to Maintain One

Harvard Mental Health Letter 
In Praise of Gratitude

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